We are fortunate.

I suspect that most folks watching the news in the US is aware of the big Angora Fire burning up in Lake Tahoe. It's been a nasty little bugger - jumping the occasional fire break and generally doing quite a bit of damage.

I heard today that good friends of ours have lost their cabin. It's gone. Burned.

Recognizing that most people are happy to have one home, and that the ability to have a "vacation home" up in a beautiful area is a luxury, it's still absolutely heart-wrenching to hear this news.

We (hubby and me) are also fortunate enough to have a place to get away to on the weekends and I often complain bitterly about having to "throw away" a weekend by spending it raking, hauling and otherwise disposing of deadfall and needles around the property. It's really quite a lot of work and I'm glad to see the back of it when we're done. Let's just say I'll likely complain a bit less when we do the deed next year.

This week has been a really pisser. The death of one of my husband's employees about 7000 miles from home, the death of a colleague's beloved puppy, the loss of dear friend's home - I'm sure hoping that the old saw, "everything comes in threes" is indeed true so that I can be DONE with this mess.

So, all things being equal, I realize that my life is pretty darned good. I'm quite fiercely in love with the man I married, my job is interesting and pays well, I have a group of friends that would give me the shirt off their backs if I needed it and I'm healthy enough to run a marathon. I've traveled, gone to University (twice) and live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I won't say that I'll no longer complain or feel "put upon" at times. I will, however, promise that I will step back and realize how lucky I am on a semi-regular basis. Right now, I'm gonna go buy some yarn for a pair of socks and give them to Shawna. I think she needs some cheering-up.

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