Restlessness ...

Apparently I'm not the only one that needs to have "something new" on a regular basis. One of my favorite knitbloggers, Grumperina, writes here that even though she's got a wealth of interesting things on the needles, she's searching for something more. As you can see from my sidebar, I've also got quite a few things on the needles (though I secretly started another thing yesterday!) and I do go back and forth on all of them.

There are two projects that I haven't looked at for MONTHS - specifically the two sweaters. I blame that on season (it's getting hotter, not cooler) and also shifting interests. Small, ~1w projects have become more interesting since I have a hard time finding large blocks of time to knit. That means I need to be able to see regular progress in order to stay interested - so smaller is better. The Under Cover Club blanket has been perfect for this since a square knits up in a few hours and then I'm done for the month. The sock KALs are also nice - like a salad bar. I can knit the pattern of the month or wait for the next one without feeling too guilty.

I'm going to be more mindful of why it is that I have the semi-regular need to cast on something new before finishing the old. I suspect the new project resulted from the bit of "tentativeness" I'm currently feeling about the Bella Blouse and whether I'll need to frog that baby back. I'm not sure I'm happy with the size, and I'm also not sure that knitting it in the round was the smartest idea. There's some wierd stuff going on with my purling that I can't figure out (am I purling WRONG!?!?) and the fear of the unknown is a bit ... well ... paralyzing. I suspect that's it. Discouragement due to a mistake.

Huh. Maybe this will get me to swatch.

Or maybe not. ;-)

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