Bizz Johnson Week 3

Ah, Week 3. This is technically a "step down" week, but I'll use it for maintenance. Lots of easy runs with something a bit longer over the weekend. Next weekend is the 1/2 Marathon in Murphy's and I've got Referee Instructor Training all weekend, so the shortened distance is actually a good thing. I'll need to be "nose to the grindstone" on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday if I have a hope of pulling this off, tho. This weekend will be a lost cause otherwise ...

Monday - Cross Training

Maybe I should change this to "cross stitching". Another Monday by the wayside ...

Tuesday - Run 3 miles actual: 5

Ran a nice 5 miles around the neighborhood. A hill (or three) and a beautiful afternoon powered me through. Definitely a triumph of will-power as I almost napped on the couch instead!

Wednesday - Run 5 miles actual: 6.5

Stanford! Hooray! It was a beautiful day on campus and up at the dish. This run was a standard for years (before my running partner had a baby and dropped me like a bad habit *smile*). Now that it's back on my drive home, it's nice to know it's available. We used to do this run in ~50 minutes, which is pretty good given the profile. I am not wearing a watch yet since I really don't want to know about times. Right now, it's all about mileage.

Thursday - Run 3 miles actual: 0

total failure. I didn't run. :-(

Friday - Rest actual: 3.5

Nice 3.5 mile run in my work environs (got hassled by a cranky fat man who has way too much time on his hands) - a little longer than planned 'cause I got lost!

Saturday - Pace Run 5 miles actual:

Nada. Didnt' get home from class until 10p. That, plus essentially no lunch makes running hard. Did I mention I was up at 6a the next day?

Sunday - Run 6 miles actual: 0

Nothing. Spent the afternoon helping my husband deal with a subordinate that died on a business trip to India. He needed me more than my marathon did ...

Total Scheduled Mileage: 22
Actual Mileage: 15 (that's not great ...)

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