Hoppin through the pattern!

I'm back to the grasshoppers and boy am I making progress! I cast them on on Wednesday night and am not ready to start the gussets. I'm also doing the 2 on 2 version so that when one is done they're both done.

The down side is that, as expected, I'm not getting the pooling I got the first time around. I have to admit that while the socks are now fitting "right", I really miss the interplay of the colors that I got when they were too big. Actually - here's what I mean:

If you notice, there's a pool of browns, greens and fuscias that go together nicely. And the two socks are opposites of each other. Where one has that nice tan pool, the other has one in dark brown/fuscia.

Here's a picture of the front of the socks. Again, you can see that the same pooling effect carries over to the lace part of the pattern as well.

Yeah, I'm bummed. Now it's back to stripes for me. The light/tan color you see in the pools is the dominant color of the stripes on both socks with interesting gradations of green, fuscia, dark brown in between. I'll take some pictures after I turn the heel because I'm pretty confident that I'm "satisfied" with them this time.

Regardless - it's nice to see that progress bar move. The April UCC pattern should hit 100% tomorrow since it's currently on the blocking table. Gosh. Aren't I productive?


Rachael said...

Love your socks! I really like the color. I hopped over here from the Socken-kreativ list. I am from California and live in Germany- I wish my written German was anywere near as good as yours.

blopeep said...

Rachael -

If you only knew how long it took me to write that email! Thank goodness there's a good online English/German dictionary and I have vague memories of high school German. My parents did a great job of teaching me to speak it, but the written "muscle" rarely gets exercised! :-)

rebecca said...

I love your socks!!
those colors are breathtaking.
& your toes look so perfectly perfect.