... but I love grasshoppers

Unfortunately, they don't love me. :-(

I followed the pattern. I had enough of that great yarn leftover so that I could make some matching fingerless mitts or something! I had PLANS!

Then came the bind-off. The pattern calls for a sewn bind off. I've never done this before so I'll trust the pattern. "Cut yarn leaving a 16" tail." Check. Oh, I'm doing both socks so I better cut both. Get out the handy tape measure (thanks Yarn Grove folks!) and measure 16". Add one extra for good measure. *snip* *snip*

La de dum da ... sewing away ... first half of first sock done ... (hrm, this looks a little close, hope it's ok) ... doo de doo ... first half of second sock (little gyrating with extra loops) ... hey - this looks *close* ... this looks *REALLY* close!


Oh. No. No. I have just a *THREAD* left and the end of the first sock and it's bound so tightly that I can't get it over my calf! The sock is saggy and ridiculous.


The other yarn end is also already cut which means I am screwed on BOTH of these!


Fine. They're getting frogged and the yarn will be something else. Don't know what, but it will be something else. Here's my pathetic little sock:

The new kit is coming in a few weeks. I'll focus on my Clapotis and my June Undercover Squares. Maybe it's time for a "sock break".

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