Back in the Saddle

After over a year of stalling, I've signed up for another marathon. Amazingly, I actually feel really good about this one. This'll be the first time that I'm training and running "solo". In the past, I've always had at least one other person out on the course with me so it'll be a new challenge for me not only to finish the race, but also to get and stay on the training bandwagon. With all the knitting I've been doing, I sure hope I have time to run! It just means getting my life back on a schedule and sticking to it. There's always time to do what's important.

For those interested, the friend that officiated at our wedding turned me on to this race. It's the Bizz Johnson trail marathon up in beautiful Susanville, CA. The race is A - B and is essentially downhill! Better still, it utilizes an old railway right of way and is therefore ALL DIRT. My aging knees will certainly appreciate this more "forgiving" surface and who knows - this might be the year I qualify for Boston! I was only 4 minutes off last year and that included some hills. I expect this to be beautiful - and certainly a great way for me to spend an October weekend.

Training starts this week on the normal 18 week program. Once again, it's the Hal Higdon Intermediate I program that's worked so well for me in the past. The weather is perfect for training and summer is the "off season" for soccer so I'll have my Sundays to get in the miles I need.

Like I said, I'm actually excited about this. Here's hoping I'm singing the same tune three months from now! Training updates as I have them ...

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