Done with June Squares

I said it in my post yesterday on the Under Cover Club Blog - thanks to the Yarn Grove folks for sending me just the right thing. Both patterns were so fun and quick that once I started I just couldn't stop. The squares are on the blocking board drying out and here are my pictures for you:

First is the bamboo stitch. It also took me a little bit of thought before starting - I kept reading the stitch as a decrease. Then I just did it and it all makes sense. I think I have a sock pattern somewhere that uses this stitch to give a "scale" effect on the sock. Pretty cool. No problem with blocking the pattern to size - it even opened up nicely to show the wrapped stitches.

Next is the basket stitch - this one came out wonderfully but it's really stretchy! I had to "nudge" the edges back in to the 12" square. I may end up reblocking this square at some point, but I suspect it'll be fine in the end. I've got a few ounces of the yarn leftover and am thinking about what I'll do at the end with all the remnants ... maybe some kind of scarf or a pair of fingerless mitts. Any suggestions?

Ok, that's it! Time to figure out what's next and enjoy the hiatus until next month.


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