A quick trip report

I'd mentioned a few times that I was off to China for a few days on business. The good news is that my time was in no way "wasted". Before I get to that, here's some photos. First of all, the pool.

Note the bank of windows to the left - that's the gym. I spent some quality time there every morning. Heck, I was up at 3:30a anyway. You'd be surprised how popular the treadmills are at 6a. I didn't bother with the pool. First off, no swimsuit. Second, it was so darned humid that I doubt I would have known if I was in the pool or just standing on the deck.

Now there's the view from the window:

That's the train station all the way to the right, just above that line of manicured trees. Interestingly enough, that train station was the best thing I'd ever seen the first time I was in China. (but that's another story)

And in the other direction:

Shenzhen is growing so quickly! Much of this stuff wasn't around 10 years ago. Heck, they're *renovating* stuff now.

Ok, the obligatory "harlot shot". How I wish I could have spent more quality time here:

I guess the sock likes the view:

And here's the upside of it all. They're finished. 1.5 of these socks were done on the plane ride out. Yes, the ride out. 13 hours goes a long way toward a pair of socks (ok, 3/4 of the way, to be exact.)

I love these socks. The yarn is great (STR Firebird, a RSC exclusive) - a lightweight 100% superwash. Shows off the pattern beautifully and these are my best fitting pair *EVER*. Anyway, that's that.

Oh, and one more thing. This guy cracked me up all week.

He and I go quite a ways back and I'm so happy to be working with him again. Doesn't he look just like Tin Tin?


Kay said...

Your socks look great! I tinkered with the Solstice Slip and did my own thing.

And anybody who looks like Tin Tin must be okay, especially if he makes you laugh!

catmum said...

Cool! business trip to China, how awesome is that. And the serious travel knitting, that's great. Love how your socks came out.

Bev Love said...

Did you need a second hank of Firebird to knit your Fawkes socks? I am about to turn the heel on my first sock and I don't see how I will be able to get a second sock out of what's left in my ball. What size needle did you use? I am using a 3.0mm size 2. Thanks,