Bizz Johnston Week 7

Monday - Cross Training actual: flying

13 hours in coach to Hong Kong. The good news is that I finished 1.5 socks!

Tuesday - Run 4 miles actual: 0

Now is this US time or HK time? If US, then I ran. If HK, then no. We'll leave it as "no".

Wednesday - Run 7 miles actual: 7

Treadmill! Oh, the humidity (or is that humanity?). Jet lag got me up at 3a to watch the World Series of Carrom and that meant running at 6a. Lovely view of the pool, though ...

Thursday - Run 4 miles actual: 4

Managed to sleep until 4:30a today! Definitely a step forward ...

Friday - Rest actual: Rest.

Saturday - Run 7 pace miles actual: 6

and boy was that difficult!

Sunday - Run 14 miles actual: 0

Zzzzzzz ... and Harry Potter ...

Total Scheduled Mileage: 36
Actual Mileage: 17 (boy, that's not good ...)

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