Catching up a bit ...

Ok, so I've been remiss. I'd been doing such a good job of keeping my running log up to date, posting about knitting projects and even thinking about other stuff. Then, along came China.

Wierd things started to occur when I was logging in from Shenzhen - characters turned from English to Chinese (now *that* was wierd) and in some cases I couldn't even connect. Was this a symptom of the benevolent local authority "helping" me out? Was I really THAT jetlagged? Regardless, it kinda threw me off the bandwagon there for a while. I also impacted my running a bit, but things seem to be getting straightened out.

And now comes vacation! We're off to go hiking in Yosemite next week and that means no internet access (ergo, no blogging). I plan to bring along some knitting, but we'll see how that goes. No, the Mystery Stole is *not* the thing, but a pair of socks *is* the thing.

Before I go, here's some insight as to where everything is.

1) Mystery Stole - parked at the end of Clue 3. Haven't even started Clue 4, mainly due to Harry Potter and getting ready for this trip. Hope to pick it up again Thursday or Friday of next week.

2) Fawkes socks - done. Completed 1.5 socks on the plane TO Hong Kong, got a little more done on the way back, finished this past Monday. Pix in the camera, download pending.

3. The Bag - materials acquired, knitted up to the join of the CC, I'm unhappy. I think this puppy will get frogged back and restarted; there's a mistake in the CC row (missed a stitch somewhere) so it needs to be "addressed" anyway.

4. Meida's Socks - started and through 1st pattern repeat. This is what's going along on the hike. Totally portable and very simple.

That's it. Updated run info in a separate post and then I'm on hiatus until next Saturday, at the earliest.

Man ... I really need to get started on the Kauni ...

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