What a weekend ...

I think it's time to go see my optometrist. I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on my Mystery Shawl 3 and I think that's knocked off a good 10 years from my "eyeball life". Whew! I love the colors of the laceweight that I'm knitting with but I'd forgotten how hard it is to deal with dark colors. Shoulda remembered from my cross stitch days.

I also frogged back the Clapotis and I'm debating what I should do with the Sea Silk. I think I may do a Tuscany shawl (from the No Sheep For You book - Amy seems to like this yarn for that pattern), but I'm not sure. For now, it's sitting with my STR cotton/rayon blend.

The new Clapotis incarnation will be with KnitPicks Gossamer in the Caribbean colorway. Yes, it's a laceweight rather than a worsted weight, but I'm really falling in love with these tiny yarns. I also think that the scarf will be lighter and more wearable. Knitting on Addi #3's ... we'll see how that goes.

Also gave away the Squatty Sidekick to my knitting victim. Turns out she's going on a cruise with her boyfriend and his mom - and she wants to teach her how to knit! I'm hoping that a week of uninterrupted knitting goodness from a patient "old hand" will get Bethany started. If so, then I'll pounce. Oh, and continuing to wear my hand-knitted socks, of course.

Yes, I need to post pix. I have lots. There's just so much going on. And I have yet to get my collective sh*t together for me to get on a plane next week! Man, what knitting will I bring? I think socks ...

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