Bizz Johnson Week 10

Time to get back in the swing of things. Holy mackerel, this'll be a big week! I also think I missed a week somewhere (was my last post really week 8?) but we're definitely on week 10. Dude.

Monday - Cross Training actual: 0

Cast on a Baby Surprise Jacket today ... in Patons Grace Cotton. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and I found my otherwise missing skein of Nature's Palette Ice Blue. Now I can finish those Embossed Leaves socks!

Tuesday - Run 4 miles actual: 4.5

My favorite loop through San Carlos - and boy, it's good to be back running again. Just need to remember to PICK UP MY FEET, DAMMIT! ... I do get lazy sometimes ...

Wednesday - Run 8 miles actual: 7.5

Windy Hill. One of the most APTLY named parks in the greater Bay Area. This particular loop involves quite a bit of elevation gain given that it starts at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains and runs to the ridge line. It's probably in the neighborhood of 1000' of climing over the course of 2-2.5 miles. Thank goodness for switchbacks! Anyway, it was sunny and nice at the bottom but the fog was streaming over the ridgeline by the time I reached the top. Ankle is still sore (it might be doctor time ... it's been almost 2 months) and I was *whooped* when it was done. Payback for a summer of avoiding hill climbing. Regardless, I'm SPOT ON for this week and intend to keep it that way.

Thursday - Run 4 miles actual: 4

Friday - Rest actual:

Saturday - Run 8 miles actual: 8

Refereed 3 games which netted out to a good 4+ hours of activity. I put in at least 8 miles since the standard game nets out to about 6 when in the middle and 1-2 when running lines. Fun, tho!

Sunday - Run 17 miles actual:

Ran squat. Got up early and packed to head to the airport. :-(
Total Scheduled Mileage: 41
Actual Mileage: 24 ugh.

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