Gloves and Bags

About two weeks ago, I started knitting on The Bag by Wendy Wonnacott. I'm using the recommended yarn, AllHemp6 from Hemp for Knitting, but with a blue/black combination rather than the two oranges shown. It's been interesting, to say the least.

I've made good progress so far - actually I'm more than half way done. Three repeats remain on the lower section, with the last repeat being the bottom of the bag. The pattern is not subtle! Also, it's just about "readable", though I find myself going back to make sure I'm doing the right filler pattern for the sides. This picture is more "true" when it comes to the overall color of the yarns and also shows where the repeats change direction at the equator of the bag. Again, this really doesn't show when looking at the picture in the book but is immediately apparent (ok, so immediately means one repeat of the pattern).

Yes, mistakes abound, but I'll live with 'em. The colors pop nicely and it's cool to look at. Hemp yarn is VERY stiff and that's resulted in a looser gauge than intended, but I do think I'll have enough to finish. It may be close with the blue, but I can certainly frog back some of what's supposed to be the lining at the top to salvage enough to finish the bottom. Not ideal, but so be it.

Exactly how I'm going to finish this also remains a mystery. I'd like to give it more structure than the original as it's big enough to be a work bag so I think a more substantial lining and handles are in order.

Separately, I'm working the Gansey Gloves from Yarndemon. A word of warning - there is no sizing information so I was going in to this a little blind. It recommended a worsted weight yarn with size 2 needles. I'm using Cascade 220 on Addi #2 and they're a little large. Here's a picture of the glove progress to date:

Peace-out, hey? It's definitely way too big for me so Chris will be the recipient of these. The pattern makes for a great learning experience - I understand how to manage a thumb gusset, add fingers, etc. From here, making my own pattern to fit my own hands seems almost trivial. It was a fun knit this weekend - a welcome change from the (not quite) mindlessness of The Bag.

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