Bizz Johnson Week 11

Ok, this week will be a challenge. Next one, too. I'm overseas and it's me and the treadmill until further notice. Gods.

Monday - Cross Training actual: 0

Flight to Hong Kong. 12h of knitting on the Tuscany shawl. I'm finished with it per the pattern, but will likely keep knitting until I get to at least 15 repeats. Dude - that's a lot of stitches!

Tuesday - Run 5 miles actual: 5

Back to the treadmill. It's still hot and HUMID over here - pouring down rain. Gotta get over my vanity and realize that the jog bra is the thing. I'm running at night tomorrow for sure.

Wednesday - Run 8 miles actual: 8

! Wow. That was probably the worst 8 miles I've run in a long time. There's a "helpful" feature on the treadmill that prevents you from running longer than 60 minutes. Because of that, I decided to split my run and hopefully motivate myself in the process. I did 5 miles (8km) and then another 3 miles (5k) with a short walk/water break in between. More on this in today's post - but suffice to say, I did it.

Thursday - Run 5 miles actual:

Friday - Rest actual:

Saturday - Run 8 miles actual:

Sunday - Run 18 miles actual:

Total Scheduled Mileage: 44
Actual Mileage:

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