Here we go again ...

Remember my post from a few weeks ago that talked about China? Well, it's time for a "take two". I'm getting on a plane again on Sunday - this time for nearly 2 weeks. Yes, I'll have to stay over a weekend, but I've been "authorized" to head back to Hong Kong so that I can at least do something interesting (read: get OUT of the hotel!).

Now my dilemma is what knitting to bring. I nearly finished a pair of socks while flying over last time - this time I may take one of the skeins of sea silk I recently purchased and work on turning it in to a scarf of some kind. Also, The Bag would come in handy, but the night markets in Hong Kong are likely cheaper (and more fun).

I plan to try and drop in on a few yarn stores while I'm there - it's an excuse to get out and explore and see what's what. Oh, the joy of currency exchange.

Anyway, I'll have the camera and the connector cable along for the ride. Here's hoping that I manage to post in the interim!

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