How'm I gonna explain this?

Ok, so the "perq" that came with this last-minute trip to China was that I got to spend the weekend in Hong Kong. Given that I used to come here when I worked for HP, I knew that the Sheraton Towers hotel is rather nice. Called up corporate travel and bingo - room's booked.

My trip has been cut short (good and bad - but I can't talk about that) so rather than three nights here, I'm only spending one. Called corporate travel and amended the reservation.

Took the car down from Shenzhen, worried the whole time about whether or not I'd be tagged for having a fever (wasn't) and arrived in fine time for dinner somewhere close by. There was a bit of a queue at the desk, but eventually I stepped forward and, upon seeing my name, the woman immediately directed me to the "Towers Concierge on the 16th floor. This way please."

Uh oh.

Ok, I'll bite. Let's see what's about to happen. I ride the elevator and step in to what looks like Hugh Hefner's living room. Upholstered walls, nice carpeting, the works. Hrm. "Welcome Ms. Palme. You booked a deluxe room but we have a rather tight situation so we have upgraded you to a suite. You are in room 1601. Please go through."

I walk down the hall ... and walk ... and walk ... lots of other rooms ... and I get to a dead end. 1601. Corner room. Bracing myself, I walk in to find this:

Um, where's the bed? Oh yeah ... that's next door:

And what's that little doorway off to the right? Why, that's the dressing room:

and AROUND THE CORNER from that is the bathroom!

Oh, and did I mention there's ANOTHER WHOLE BATHROOM right by the DOOR!??!?!


There's no way this is getting past the corporate expense guys. Thank goodness breakfast is already included. I think I'm buying my own dinner tonight.

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