Kick-starting the Blog

Yeah, so this is embarrasing. It's been almost 8 months since I've done anything here - and all I've got are excuses. So, let's review:
  1. Restructuring at work. After taking on 1/2 a person back in Nov. '05, I got a whole additional person in June. I'm now doing the work of 3.
  2. Refereeing. Still working on getting my Grade 6 badge, which meant that pretty much every weekend was spent on the pitch. At least four different leagues (including College) so that took up weeknights as well and a trip to Florida for the Super-Y national championships!
  3. Illness. All that work and referee stuff resulted in an AMAZING bout with the flu. That took up a good chunk of January with a minor relapse last month
Ok, so it's time to quit complaining. I'm fixing the "work" part, it's the off season for soccer (net of State Cup) and I think I'm finally getting healthy.

Best of all - I've got a fun-filled and action-packed year of knitting coming up. I've joined the "Rockin' Sock Club" sponsored by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I get six shipments of sock yarn (one every two months) along with a pattern. That means I'll be upping my personal stash of socks (heck - I'm DOUBLING it!) and trying out some really fun new techniques. Pictures and progress posted here as I get the yarn and start knitting.

The weather is getting better and it's time to start the new year off more productively.

Happy Knitting!

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