The Next Sock Project

I'm almost done with my February STR kit (pix for sure this weekend) and must freely admit that I'm sad - nay, DESPONDENT - that I didn't get the "pooling" effect that others got. I also seemed to have, generally, less of the purple color and way more of the brown, green and gray. The second sock has gone much more swimmingly (unsurprising now that I understand the pattern) and so it's time for me to get cracking on my next sock pattern.

I've already bought the skein of yarn that I want to use, and I've found the pattern as well. Specifically, I'll be working the Jaywalker pattern from MagKnits. I like the diagonal pattern shown and I'm also interested in trying a top-down sock pattern. So far I've only done toe-up (like that idea way better since there's little risk of running out of yarn) but it's definitely time to try something new.

Rainy days are back in California so that means more time to knit ... or at least it seems that way ...

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