Tower of wool

The other big unfinished object in my stash is another Knitty sweater - this time it's the Eiffel. I love the lacy look of the bottom but will likely skip the ribbon going around the bust and the sleeves. Just too "cutsey" for me.

This time, the yarn is a Rowan DK Tweed. The picture doesn't do the color justice - it's much more of a "lime" than a "citron". The yarn is a bit harsher than the Jaeger, but I expect it to soften up over time. The original pattern calls for hemp yarn but I had a very hard time finding any. What little I did find would have made for one VERY expensive sweater.

I'm at the point were I go from the lace stitch to all 3x1 rib. It should go pretty darned quick now - particularly when I manage to get a few rounds of the rib going so that the yarn slides smoothly around the needle. If I did this pattern again (and I'll need to for the sleeves), I would likely break my own rule and use double-points rather than two circulars. The lace stitch just doesn't slide easily and that makes for much slower going than I would like.

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