Jawalking is fun!

I love this sock pattern.

I've been stitching away diligently and have managed to finish one sock already. That's what's wonderful about long driving trips - get the hubby to do the driving and I get to knit away in the front seat. Then again, the twists and turns of mountain passes aren't always amenable to knitting. :-P

I cast on the second sock yesterday, got through the cuff and am just starting the pattern. Under normal circumstances I'd be able to finish this weekend, but this week is NOT normal. My Dad's 82nd birthday is just over a week away and I need to get started on his socks! The wool is in the mail, the pattern book is in the mail, the socks are NOT in the mail.

I'm likely to do a gentleman's sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I love this pattern book and I've picked out the most wonderful burgundy wool from Koigu. Whether I stick with the Koigu or use the Lorna's Laces that's coming from the yarn store remains TBD. I figure I've got another day or two to sort that out.

On another note, my camera has left for a whirl-wind tour of the Orient. Hubby got on a plane last night for business trip that will take him to Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Bangalore and Pune. His camera, while far superior, is large and a bit difficult to carry around. My little camera (bought for my trip up Mt. Rainier last year) is ideal to just put in your pocket and take snaps. Depending on how much of the infrastructure went with him, there may or may not be pictures of things for a while.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my "Inside Out" socks and also for the recommendations on the sock blockers. It's neat to hear from folks out there in the wild - very inspiring!

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