Totally tubular sweater

Wanted to start listing out some of the other knitting projects I've got going (besides socks, that is). Many of my projects come from Knitty - since they're very well described, the patterns are easy to follow and it's easy to find something I like!

This sweater is called Tubey and is knit similar to a shrug with a tube for the body attached to the bottom. The original pattern calls for a multitude of scrap yarn to get stripes all over the sweater, but I've got a wonderful stash of Jaeger Shetland Aran yarn that's just perfect for this pattern. Look at how luscious this yarn is!

When I first started working with this yarn, I was worried that it would be scratchy and not very comfortable. In reality, however, this yarn is amazingly soft and very easy to work with. I did a sweater in the orange version that was remarkably easy to cable and shows off the pattern beautifully.

As you can see from the picture above, I'm not very far along. I did get to the point where the two ends are joined to start knitting the actual sleeve and I expect that I can get the "shrug" part of the sweater done this week. Progress as it happens!

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