Oh, Happy Tuesday!

I go away for the weekend and good things happen.

First of all, some dear friends from my college days came out to visit us at our cabin in the Sierra for the long Memorial Day weekend. They brought both kids along - Anke, who is the cutest little girl and their newly adopted son, Soren. Anke is in first grade (which would make her 7, I think - man, I should know this) and Soren is 14 months old. He's just starting to walk as they didn't think much about ensuring he got enough exercise when he was still in the orphanage in Russia. Anyway, we spent a wonderful weekend exploring the Big Trees, the annual Arnold Flea Market and also cooking up wonderful meals. Menu for the weekend:

Friday Dinner:

  • Homemade Pizza - Margherita on one pie and veggies + smart ground on the other

  • Green Salad w/tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and a vinegarette dressing

  • Pumpkin Pie - w/sous chef Anke making the filling!

Saturday Dinner
Smoked Pork Roast - still working to get the timing right
Potato Salad
Apple Crisp (w/oatmeal crisp topping)

And of course, leftover pizza and sammies for lunch, cereal and oatmeal for breakfast, and green salads until we ate all the veggies!

Sunday, while everyone else was at the Flea Market, I wandered over to the LYS up in the mountains, known as Ewe-phoric Yarns, since they were having their annual sidewalk sale. Everything 20% - 50% off ... how could I resist? Picked up some wonderful Claudia Handpaints (40% off) as well as a skein of a lovely wool/bamboo blend from a local dyer (30% off). They also had a copy of Victorian Lace Today (20% off) and they even had the new Addi Turbo Lace Needles in stock! I'm going to try them out on my next STR shipment in June so stay tuned on that one. I picked up a size 8 Addi Turbo to try on my Clapotis scarf since the bamboo straights just aren't making me as happy as I'd like.

Coming back on Monday was the usual traffic fight - plus with towing the trailer, it makes driving just a bit more stressful. Regardless, made it home in the early afternoon and I could sit down and finish my Monkey Socks! The Koigu is wonderfully squishy on my feet and my toes are toasty warm. (almost too warm!) Regardless, that's pair four for me since February ... maybe this is a 12 pair year.

Finally, this afternoon, I headed over to the Knitters Coffee Swap site and lo and behold - my care package made it to Jenni! From her post, it looks like she's happy with it. :-) Thanks to knittymama for matching us up and I'm just so happy that the package made it unmolested and that I managed to guess correctly on a special treat.

Happy Tuesday.

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