More Procrastinating ....

Ok, so I ripped out the Grasshopper Socks and am back to two (well, four actually) balls of STR Silkie yarn. There'd been a lot of commentary about how the yarn doesn't like to be frogged and then reknitted and that it tends to get all "fuzzy". It's true. There's a bit of a nap on the yarn that has been frogged back and I'm hoping it doesn't translate too strongly to the socks themselves. I took pictures of the socks before the "Great Pulling" began - posting likely tomorrow when I have more time.

In the mean time, so that I'm less heartbroken about it, I've casted on a Monkey Sock, courtesy of Knitty. I'd been eyeballing this sock for a long time (just like the rest of the sock knitting community) and it's time for something relatively simple in a truly wonderful yarn.

One of my local yarn stores stocks Koigu yarn - the most amazing superwash merino made by a mother and daughter of Eastern European descent up in Canada. It's a blue/purple handpainted colorway and I think it'll work wonderfully for this pattern. It's soft, springy and generally a joy to knit with. It's going on the Size 1 Addi's, as usual, and I need to move along quickly so that I can either get back to the Grasshoppers or be clear for the next Six Sox pair. Pattern arrives for that one on June 1.

Today is a quality knitting day - it's the annual AGM/Spring Clinic for my chapter NISOA, the college soccer referee association. They day was also supposed to include a fitness exam, but the head cold/sinus infection I've been denying all week has absolutely floored me. No running since Tuesday and even stairs are "hard". I got my hall pass and so expect to just knit away quietly in the back of the auditorium.

Time to be off ... man, I've got pictures to post/upload/share ... more time more time more time!!!!

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