Decision Made

I'm gonna rip 'em out. It breaks my heart to do it, but I'm gonna do it. And it's gonna happen this weekend.

I've been reading over at the Rockin' Sock Club that the socks are very stretchy and that they even get a bit "saggy" when worn for a while. I've had the same problem with my Six Sox Horcrux socks and I'd really hate to do that to that WONDERFUL yarn.

I'm gonna take some pictures of what I have since I suspect that all that amazing "pooling" is gonna be out the window when I downsize. I'm going to also use the figure-eight cast on rather than the wierd backwards loop thingy that was so fiddly the first time around.


The only up side is that the progress bar is gonna show a solid 30% for at least a few more days. :-)

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