Don't it make ya crazy ...

when you do something stupid as a result of doing some good?

I spent the day yesterday doing some seriously overdue yard work that included not only mowing and weeding, but also some hedge trimming. That meant getting out the Almighty Shears(tm) and hacking away for a good half hour.

While the yard looks GREAT, there is a downside. My wrist is absolutely shot. I know that pain and stiffness is the invariable result whenever I use that darned tool but I couldn't keep from not finishing the job! The yard is now at least presentable (I won't say it's gorgeous) and I'm very happy it's done since my next few weekends are totally booked. It does, however, mean that my progress on the Grasshopper Socks has slowed to a crawl. I'm ready to start the heel but I'm not sure I'll do that for another day or two. Ah well. Let's change topics.

It's now firmly spring time here in California so here's some beauty in the form of a picture our tea tree in the front yard.

When we bought our house 10 years ago, this was a little guy - as in about 4' tall and the top wasn't more than two feet around. Now it's HUGE and actually drive our friends crazy since it blocks the porch steps from the garage. But then again, just look at these wonderful blossoms!

So I'll keep enjoying the wonderful weather and nurse my wrist. Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hope your wrist heals soon.

Your tea tree is AWESOME! Does it have a fragrance?

blopeep said...

Hi Dee -

the tree has a very mild fragrance but nothing like a lilac bush. I think we'd be overwhelmed if it did!

Wrist is getting better and, all things considered, it was worth it!