April STR Yarn Is Here!

Hooray hooray hooray! The most luscious, silky and gorgeous yarn has arrived! Here it is laid out on my coffee table for winding in to two center-pull balls:

The lighting isn't the greatest here so it doesn't show off the colors as well as I'd like. The colors go from a warm light brown, through a STUNNING fuscia in to green and blue. Amazing. The silk in the yarn doesn't take the dye like the wool so it has this really cool "tweed" effect. I just love it. After winding, I put the balls in to some natural light and they look like this:

Mmmmmmm. Gorgeous.

The pattern is another toe-up sock (hey - I like this kind of knitting) but the first few rounds of lace are hard! I'm doing 2on2 circulars and was wondering if it was just me that was struggling - nope! Rumor has it that I simply need to PERSIST and the lace will get easier. That'll give me something to do today before it's soccer time.

Anyway - thanks again STR ladies! This stuff is wonderful! (now, if only I can get my wool/bamboo cone so that I can try my own dying ...)

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