Hooray! They are done!

Huzzah - I finally finished my Horcrux socks for the Six Sox knitalong. Nothing like a deadline to give me motivation. Rumor has it that the next Rockin' Sock Club shipment has been sighted at various points nationwide so I got myself in to high gear!

These socks are wonderful. The TOFUtsies yarn is so lightweight that it feels like I've got pillows wrapped around my feet. I ribbed the foot all the way around so that it would be extra grippy and it just feels fabulous. I suspect I'll be running around all over the place in these!

Yes, that's me on my Mini Cabriolet (one of the ORIGINALS, I'll have you know!) - I thought the headlamp was a perfect pedestal to put my foot. I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing the worsted weight version of these - but I don't think I'll be doing a square heel. I'm just not a fan. I've done it twice now and it just feels "funny". It's definitely back to the short row - and now it's just a question of whether I'll do it in garter stitch or with heel flaps. We should all have such things to worry about!

Onward to brainstorming for my Coffee Swap pal and anxiously awaiting my latest skein of STR - and I only have two days of vacation left!!!!!

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