Marathon Training - Week 13

Monday - Cross

Felt icky and stayed home. This cross-training isn't working out as well as I'd like. Hrm.

Tuesday - Run 5 miles

5 miles, check. Pouring down rain - and I mean POURING down rain! Went out just as it started and came in just as it was tapering off. Sheesh.

Wednesday - Run 10 miles

Rest day. Rain, cold, ick. When did we move to Seattle?

Thursday - Run 5 miles

Did ~6.5 over lunch and then a soccer game in the evening. Total miles probably 8 or 9 - though the game is less of a "run" and more of a "saunter". Ah well.

Friday - rest

Rest day (for sure) and took my sweetie to the airport. It's gonna be a tough weekend.

Saturday - run 10 miles

6 miles (or so) around town - felt HORRIBLE. I think I'm still sick ...

Sunday - run 20 miles

I *think* we ran 22+. We were out for abour 4:15 and climbed all the way to Skyline and then did an out and back from Wunderlich to Huddart. What a beautiful trail - but holy cow, IT'S MUDDY! Lots of slipping, sliding and even a face plant. I went out with shoes that were on their last legs (so to speak) and they didn't come home. Straight in to the bucket after I rinsed them off. Also blew out a Gu packet in my Camelbak - which meant I only had 1 Gu rather than 2. Man, I was feeling that one! Regardless, it was a good run. I think we're totally ready for the marathon.

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