Circular Knitting and Jogging ...

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? How on earth does one "jog" and "knit"?

Basically, this is a age-old problem for those of us who use either circular or double-pointed kneedles to knit. It's a real treat on things like hats and mittens to be able to knit in one piece from the get-go. Also, on sweaters, you can knit the front and back all in one piece and then use a technique called "steeking" to essentially cut open and knit-in the sleeves. Makes those go fast fast fast.

All this sounds wonderful. But, there's a problem. Knitting in the round is essentially knitting in one, big, long spiral. There's a lean to the left as one row gets placed on top of the other. This, dear friends, is the "jog". Crochetting doesn't have this problem as there's always a "lift" at the end of a row to account for this. I've been really frustrated at how noticeable this problem becomes - particularly when colors change. It's annoyed me enough that I'm still planning to knit sweaters as separate front and back pieces so that I have a shot at getting things straight!

Well, it's time to conquer my fear and dive in to solving this problem. Funny, tho - a person as in to running as I wanting to give up jogging! :-)

I found a few links that talk about the problem:

At this point, I can't guarantee that any of these work. I won't be incorporating them in to the mittens I'll be finishing this weekend, but I may try to do something with the sweater I'm hoping to finish. I need to do some deconstruction on the shoulders before I head for the dreaded "three kneedle bind-off" to fix that seam.

Yeah, I never liked jogging anyway.

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