Marathon Training - Week 12

Monday - Cross

No yoga for me this week, feeling cruddy. :-(

Tuesday - Run 5 miles

Run 5 miles, check. Back to sleep ...

Wednesday - Run 6 miles

Run 6 miles, no check. Mowed the lawn and did serious yard work for an hour - I'll call that "cross training" :-) Referee a slowwwwwwwww game tomorrow night, which means I'll need to go for a run before the game.

Thursday - Run 5 miles

Ran a HORRIBLE 5 miles at the reservior (think I'm still sick) but got another 2.5 refereeing. I hesitate to call that running, but there it is. With the weather being as warm as it is, I'll definitely be running tomorrow ...

Friday - rest

definitely took this one seriously. Rested, I did.

Saturday - run 6 miles

Snowshow for 4 miles, and a total time of ~2h. Certainly a good workout!

Sunday - run 12 miles

Went the 7 extra miles and did another loop in Woodside. Same as last weekend and this tops me off for the week!

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