Marathon Training - Week 11

Ok, so maybe last week wasn't my best. Winter running and other fun things are definitely a distraction. That being said, it's time to get back to the business of running. Starting this week, I'm also including the Intermediate I training mileage since it looks like I'm tracking closer to that set anyway ...

Monday - Cross

Aaaah, yoga. This is one of those activities where I forget how wonderful it is until I start doing it again. Yep, week 2 of this and I can feel flexibility, balance and range of motion changing. I'm also getting some muscle tone back in my arms! No setting up too close to the heater this time, either. Mmmmmmm. Nice.

Tuesday - Run 5 miles

Settin' the hash tonight to get my 5 miles in. Not sure yet where it'll go, but I've at least got the start and the OnOnOn figured out. A nice 5 mile jaunt through the Stanford campus is easy for a pick-up run. Now, if only the cold, wet, dark weather would get over with!

Wednesday - Run 10 (8) miles

Gurgh ... work late ... :-( This became a rest day ...

Thursday - Run 5 miles

6.5 glorious miles in Woodside. Now, if I can manage to keep my afternoon calendar open, then it's a makeup 10 miles on Friday!

Friday - rest

Woodside again - but this time I extended it by going in to the Phleger Estate. Total distance is probably somewhere between 8 and 8.5, but it's hard to know. Something was making noise in the bushes and I started to get a bit squicked. Also, it's muddy. Very muddy. Regardless, I felt GREAT by the time it was all done. I'm totally ready for the weekend!

Saturday - run 10 (8) miles

I think I ran something like 7, but can't be sure. I've not mapped the Belmont route yet. That, combined with a day of pulling weeds (one yard waste can, one garbage can, two recycle bins full) and I'm pooped!

Sunday - run 20 (18) miles

Huzzah for me! 19 miles all by my lonesome. Combination of my standard Woodside loop (~6.5) and the Huddart 1/2 Maraton (13.1) and that makes 19. I'm deducting ~.5 from the Huddart loop since I headed back to the car prior to completing the FULL out and back, but it's close enough for engineering work. Given the ~1000' of climbing I'm certainly happy with a <3h total time. Gotta say, tho - I'm STARVING! *boing* *boing* Awesome day. AWESOME!

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