Marathon Training - Week 10

I've found that my running motivation is somewhat "intermittent". I attributed it mostly to the fact that I didn't have a goal in mind - a race, an event, whatever. So, my running parner and I finally sucked it up and picked the The Avenue of the Giants in May. Inevitably, a Training Spreadsheet gets created. More musings on that as the weeks go by, but suffice to say, it certainly helped get us moving! So, to that end, I'll hopefully be updating my progress against that spreadsheet and whining about when I don't.

Monday - Cross Training

I've decided that Bikram yoga is my cross training event this time around. Overall, I love this activity, but yesterday was tough. I made the mistake of setting up too close to the heater. I had to stop during two poses and just "recover". While that's always disappointing, when it was over, I was glad to have gone to class.

Tuesday - Run 4 miles

Ok, I'll admit it. I can't run 4 miles anymore. It just doesn't seem worth it. Anything less than 40 - 45 minutes doesn't burn off the frustration or give me any satisfaction. Then again, if there had been a hash tonight, it might be a different story. Regardless - mission accomplished. Woodside loop, ~6.5 miles.

Wednesday - Run 9 miles

Gurgh, not today. Tax appointment and meetings through lunch made that die a horrible death. Assuming it's not pouring tomorrow, I'll likely do it then. Likely. Maybe. Gurgh.

Thursday - Run 4 miles

Feh! Took advantage of the sunshine (but lots of wind) and got those pesky 9 miles in. Nice trip along the Crystal Springs Reservior. Out and back in just about 1:13, ~8 min/mi pace. That's good! No more running until Sunday tho ... it's a snowshoe weekend!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - shoulda been alot ...

Fer-get-it! The weather up in the mountains was ridiculous. We got 2 1/2' (yes, FEET) of snow overnight between Friday and Saturday; and that was on top of the ~6" we got on Friday during the day. The snow guy didn't come by before about 10:00a on Saturday, and the roads weren't plowed until 6p that night. Rather than the amazing snowshoe we had planned, we went straight from the cabin. 3.5 miles, but it took 1:45. Snow was about mid-thigh in the worst spots, even with snow shoes, and I was the poor sucker out front breaking trail. It was good exercise, but a little help would have been appreciated! Apparently, back here in the Bay Area, Hwy 280 was closed for 4h between San Mateo and Millbrae due to ice and snow. Even in the north bay, just past the Golden Gate, there was a 31 car pile up that resulted in 101 being closed for almost 11 hours. Man - what a little snow will do!

Total Mileage: 19 (including snowshoe)

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