Kittens and Mittens

Yup, that darned sweater is still sitting in my project box just waiting for me to unknit the whole thing. To help assist my procrastination, I started a pair of mittens from Knitty (link in the sidebar). These mittens are knitted up extra large before being felted. The gauntlet style and ribbing has really tested my patience, but the upside is that I've discovered a BEAUTIFUL new yarn from Cascade. A wonderful peruvian wool that knits up wonderfully.

The first mitten is done - and it currently looks like, and is the size of, an oven mitt! Check out the picture on the right. The guys gave me all kinds of crap about it (not much to do but knit when it's snowing so durned hard) and I kept assuring them that "it'll shrink - honest!" Man, I sure hope so. Picture is pre-felting. I'm trying to decide if I felt them separately so that I can do a "before" and "after" version of this. Hrm. That would imply time to actually knit this one up!

The jury's out on the hat - it's likely when I see how well the mittens felt up. Plus, they're so darned cute.

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