We did it!

Ok, so I'm totally stealing this image (but not the bandwidth) from Engadget, but seeing as my company probably gave them the image in the first place, I'm not sorry about it!
It's Alive!

Yes, sports fans, this is our baby. After six months of not being able to tell my friends and family what I do, it's time to run outside and shout to the world, "I helped make the Kindle!"

More specifically, this is why I've been spending so much time in China. Starting the factory, managing materials and generally getting things up and running. It's been incredibly hectic (got home most recently on Saturday) and it's made life extremely challenging in terms of keeping up with friends, refereeing and knitting.

However, now that it's out there, the real work begins. Regardless, life is cool. And, if I can manage to stay awake, I may even have a FO to share this week!

Hip, hip, HOORAY!


Kathy said...

I just saw the announcement for these things on Amazon today. My first thought was: That's so cool, I want one! Then I looked at the price and said: I'm waiting till they're cheaper! Very cool idea though.

meg(aphone) said...

Congratulations!! I am so glad that your baby is up and running...and also glad to know I'm not sending yarn and coffee to a James Bond-esque spy ;)