Friday is for "relaxing"

or so one would think!

Life's been really hectic around here of late - what with the move, work heating up and the tail end of the fall soccer season. C. and I are both really ready for a vacation and were looking forward to getting away over Thanksgiving, but that's off the list since he's tied up with work. Couple all that with me heading over to China next week and I'm frazzled. Totally.

Last night I went head to head with all the stress and spent a good 4 hours knitting. Period. Nothing else. And let me tell you - it was wonderful. I'm not going to say what I'm working on yet (no, it's not one of those that are in the current progress list) but it's something I've been wanting to get to for almost a year and have finally managed to start. I've even taken the time to ensure my gauge is right (two needle sizes *BELOW* what's recommended!) and therefore I have high hopes that this one will turn out as planned.

Anyway - hopefully tonight will be another quiet and restful night (last college game of the season this afternoon) and that the trip next week will be uneventful. Even if we're not getting away, at least there's some time off in the future.

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