Thinking about 12th Night

Every year I throw a big dinner party for 12th. "Dinner Party" may be stretching it a bit since it's really become more of a graze-festival - plates of finger food spread throughout the house that makes for easy drifting and night-long noshing. It used to be a true sit-down dinner, but then there were way too many people I wanted to feed and simply not enough chairs. Bring on the appetizers!

While I do have a list of favorites that make the table every year, I like to spend at least some time browsing for a recipe that will give my friends something new to enjoy. That effort has, in recent years, started about 1 week prior to the event and hasn't really panned out as well as I'd like. This year, however, it'll be different. Honest.

Witness our first entry: Pumpkin Pie Blintzes. Yes, it's another Slashfood find, but this one looks truly scrumptious. Better still, it comes with a recipe for crepes from the illustrious Mark Bittman. My mother used to make crepes for dessert (she called them "breakfast pancakes") when I was growing up and I've never mustered the courage to try it myself. This recipe is making me want to try it.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, and the fact that we're *not* going to the cabin (insert pouty-face here ...), it's a great excuse for me to try some cooking experiments. This one is on the list.

Update: and here's another one to add to the list. Green Tea Cookies as an alternative to the King Cake. While I usually make Cardamom Shortbread from Epicurious, this might just give folks something new to talk about. I sense that my Thanksgiving holiday is going to involve way more than just baking ...

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