I've been away ... but there's a prize!

Yes, I've been terribly busy lately - what with the holidays and jetsetting over to the Orient (yes, I leave again on Monday of next week) but I do have something to show for myself. Ok, maybe not *show* right away since the camera isn't handy, but I'll do my best to take some pictures sooner rather than later.

I've knit, assembled, hemmed and added buttons to the Sunrise Circle Jacket. No, this jacket isn't an original idea, but I'm hoping that I actually beat The Harlot to the final step. She and I began knitting this at just about the same time (serendipity) and she definitely got to the "done"-ish stage first. I completed the assembly over the weekend and it took a while to get the button part straight.

I originally started with Kate's directions for locating the button loops but that just Didn't Work for my shape and the way the jacket fell on me. If I had more yarn (yes, I'll take a picture of what's left .. this was truly scary) I would have widened the back between the shoulder blades to make it more comfortable - but overall, I'm very satisfied. This project has worked out better than anything in the past.

Interestingly enough - I knit this with size 5 Addis. Yes, size 5. The pattern calls for 7s, I think. While I can't say that I actually knitted a swatch, I did go a fair way on the sleeves and then checked gauge - I found that spi gauge was correct but my row gauge was way off. That's how I backed down to size 5s. Who knew?

Brief details:

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed
Color: 04 - Green Tweed with spots of orange, blue and black
Quantity: 10 skeins - ALL OF IT
Size: 36"
Needles: Addi Turbo Circular Size 5
Gauge: Per pattern

Picture of the yarn, below. Pix of the sweater to follow.

Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed

I love this thing.

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meg(aphone) said...

I'm using this yarn to knit the central park hoodie!! You know what they say about great minds? They love the same great yarn!

P.S.--I just purchased more of the Iffy coffee from the wonderful internet. I went through nearly the entire can in a week!! I love it, I can't thank you enough.