Swap swag

Admittedly, I'm late in posting this. I got my wonderful stuff from Meg(aphone) more than a week ago and I've already plowed through both the coffee and the chocolate. Both couldn't have turned up at a more fortuitous time as we were out of coffee (and I'd forgotten to stop by the store) and there was not dessert in the house, either!

Without further ado:

Coffee is a wonderful Costa Rican organic bean that is wonderfully mellow, but a very *round* flavor. Nice change of pace from the Indonesian varieties that are usually in the house! (Chris likes Costa Rican - that's his usual Trader Joe's bean). Next is the chocolate from local favorite, Ghiradelli. It's got (had) little nibs of espresso beans in a really rich dark chocolate. That stuff lasted moments. Best of all, a great skein of Trekking Natura (with bamboo) that is destined for a pair of socks for Chris and a cool skein of laceweight. I'm not sure what I'll do with this one yet - I need a nice black little scarf, so maybe the Dolphin Scarf or something just made-up. Regardless, there's a good quantity of mohair in there so it'll need to be something that will benefit from the texture.

Anyway, I'm back in the land of ginger and noodles - and I've nearly finished the scarf that my dad is getting for Christmas. He doesn't read the blog so there's no risk of him seeing it - but I do have the camera (clearly) so a pic or two is due tonight. What better way to spend the night than blogging? Heck, I sure don't sleep while I'm over here ...

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