The only thing constant, is change.

When I was younger, I always had an idea of where I expected to be. It revolved around the place where I grew up, maybe on the lakeshore rather than inland, and it involved quiet. There would be snow in winter, there would be fish fry and beer and German Fest in July. Beer festivals in late summer, trips "up north" to see relatives - even the occasional road trip to Chicago and diving in the Caribbean. Yep, I was a MidWesterner - to the hilt.

Ten years ago, my life got turned upside-down. My (now) husband and I picked up and moved to the Bay Area based on him getting a job and me expecting to do the same. We sold our house, said "farewell" to friends and family and made a new life here on the left coast. We came out just as the housing market was going crazy and we barely managed to squeeze in to a tiny 2/1 house that was just under 1200 square feet. A huge change from our 2-story farmhouse on an acre of land! The market continued to skyrocket and we settled in for the long-haul .. because *surely* we'd never leave. Ok, so let's get started on that remodel/addition because we *DEFINITELY* can't afford to buy anything else!

Yeah, right.

Ok sports fans, toss all that stuff out the window. Cancel the permit (crap, add that to the list), call the inspectors, buy some boxes (due next week) and get ready to write that honking big check 'cause we're moving to the mountains. King's Mountain, to be specific. Though a combination of dumb luck and some fast decision-making, we've bought a new place about 6 miles west, as the crow flies. We're up in the redwoods with a peek-a-boo view of the Pacific. How much did it cost? About half the price of the remodel. Taxes will work out to be only slightly more, but overall, we're happy.

Moving day is 25 days away - and hopefully the old house will sell shortly thereafter. It goes on the market on/about November 5th.

I still can't believe it. But, honestly ... it's wonderful.

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