Quiet .. at last

After two days of hissing and spitting, I think the cats have finally figured out that the house is "ok" and that they really are friends! The first night was just awful - the yowling was incredible. Who'd'a thunk that those two normally spend all their time sleeping on top of each other given that they weren't even looking at each other without major protest!??! Regardless - we've all moved on.

The worst of the moving is over, but there's still so much to do. All the stuff that we've accumulated over the past decade is just incredible - but at least half is going away. Donations, trash, recycling, whatever. Bottom line, it's not coming up here! Life without furniture is certainly a pain and my knitting is non-existent (then again, so is my running).

Tomorrow, it's on to the winter running schedule (lunch at Rancho, hoo boy!) and buckling down at work. Boston on Wednesday, back Thursday night - then the final pack/move this coming weekend.

... now, where's my checkbook?

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