Has it been a week already?

I can't believe it's been a week since I've last posted. However, looking back at the last few posts, I sure feel like I've accomplished something. A while ago, I promised that I would take care of some things before I moved on to other stuff. Let's take a moment to check in on progress.

1. BSJ - crochet hooks found and it's been assembled and all ends woven in. Two of five buttons sewn on (they look cute!) so I'll call this 99.9% there. Finish tonight.

2. Mystery Stole - knitting done and it's ready for blocking. My blocking board isn't large enough to hold the FO, so I'll need to use the bed this weekend. On the "to do" list for Sunday.

3. Bella Blouse - no progress. I really need to decide if I'm going to finish this thing or set it aside for the next long holiday. It may really be Thanksgiving before this gets done because I need a solid block of time.

4. The Bag - some progress here in that I've sourced the lining material and I think I have a plan for how to do this. Again, it might be Thanksgiving for this one because of the time pressure, but who knows. Weekends are just a nightmare with soccer in full swing and me trying to finish my upgrades. If only I didn't have to work so much ... (ok, make that "at all" and it's more accurate)

Separately, I'm almost done with 1/2 of a Christmas present (short row ribbed scarf) - I just need more of the SWTC Karaoke for the matching mittens.

Back to the salt mines ...

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