Cleaning my plate

When I was little, my parents (good German WWII survivors) made a big deal about always finishing what I had begun before starting something new. Maybe that's why I've got a permanent case of "startitis" and like to have lots of projects lying around. However, given that I've got either an impending remodel OR an impending move coming up, I really, Really, REALLY need to get my collective sh*t together and kill off some of these knitting projects.

The siren song of a new shawl, a new sweater, a new pair of socks continues to sing in my ears, but I have got to do something! And soon! So, to that end, I declare a moratorium on all new projects until I get the old ones either ripped back or finished.

In order of importance:

1. BSJ. All it needs is finishing but I can't seem to find my crochet hooks. They've been AWOL for a little while and that's just fishy. I can sew it up and wait for the hooks to do the trim around the neck.

2. Mystery Stole. I started on Clue 6 last night and got quite a bit done. Now that it's down to the feathers it goes fast - FAST! The pattern repeat is easy to remember and there are not a lot of beads. Should be able to finish this week or next.

3. Bella Blouse. The cold weather is coming (so sayeth the Weather Man) so I need to kill this one before the season is totally gone! It'd be a shame to be this close and then never wear it. A little ripping and then it can be finished lickety-split.

4. The Bag. At least washed and ready for lining. It's completely done being knit, I just need to put it in the darned washing machine and let it do it's things. Darks are on the laundry menu for this week, so in it goes.

Whew. That's about all I can stand for now. If I manage that, I'm doing well.

Oh, and don't tell my Better Half that I'm off to the Mendocino Wool Festival on Saturday. While he's busy drinking with car guys in Sacramento, I'll be fondling fiber. Dude - I'm so going. And I'm bringing my credit card.

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