I posted to the Louet Lovers group over at Ravelry on Saturday since I'd been having absolutely no success in getting the singles to wind onto bobbins on my lovely Julia. The wonderful folks over there immediately gave me suggestions on tension, threading of the wheel and even how to make sure my leader was correctly tied onto my bobbin. They were fabulous! After 3+ hours of running around on a beautiful Sunday morning, I decided to take their words to heart and give it a try. This is what happened:


Nope, me neither. I feel like I've just cycled up the Pyrenees. I really CAN do this, ya know? The rest of this bobbin is practice. Pure and simple - just practice.

I'll wind it off and leave it as a single. Then the real work starts.

I'll say this about all my issues with the wheel - it forced me to learn the bobbin. I don't think I would have been nearly as successful if I'd not spent that time filling up the bobbin and really figuring it out. I also think that the yarn I made will end up as a plied skein (I do have two bobbins full, after all) and it'll be good for me to practice that separate from the wheel.

Hey, I'm happy.


Holly said...

Good for you!!!

blopeep said...

I'm convinced this is like riding a bike. All of a sudden, it "just happens". Woo hoo!