Day 1 - The Tour Opens!

It's the first day of the Tour de Fleece and I've nothing to report - yet.

We're currently enjoying the Independence Day holiday up in the Sierra; a cold beer at my elbow and filching wi-fi at the Camp Connell General Store. It's pretty darned hot ouside and the thought of spinning is pretty far away.

I brought the spindle and some of the Louet roving with me in case I decide to do something about it. Perhaps today is perfect for some drafting and an attempt at spinning up something smaller than worsted weight singles.

Regardless, it's the first day of my month-long quest to spin a skein. One beautiful, relatively even, plyed skein.

I know I can do this.

(oh, and I've Tivo'd the first stage ... will be catching up on all of that tomorrow)

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