Saturday is for .. well ...

Refereeing and then a half-spindle full of yarn. I also finished up that pair of socks I started last weekend ... all to try and delay sitting at the wheel. However, after a fair bit of hemming and hawing, I sat down and tried.


For whatever reason, I just can't seem to get the yarn to wind on. There's a progression of spinning/drafting/winding that I just can't seem to contemplate while using the wheel. The spindle is working out just fine and I'm able to spin relatively consistently, but I just *know* I'd be faster and spin finer yarn if I could just figure the darned thing out. Do I wait for Maggie in October? Do I go to one of my local knitting places, buy a bag of roving and just have them teach me? Or do I just keep plugging away on the spindle and make my skein that way.

Dunno. I'll think about it tomorrow while running around in San Francisco. It's only Day 8 of the tour - there's plenty of time to sort this out.

(Way to go TEAM COLUMBIA!!!!)

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