And in other news ...

I've got a quick FO sighting for y'all.

This is a Beech Wood Cowl done in bamboo/merino handspun. Colorway is Sangria by Spunky Eclectic. I got the fiber from a fellow Raveler as part of a "bag of crap" fiber swap. I was shooting for something heavier weight than the light fingering I usually end up with. This is about 10wpi, chain-plied. BTW, I'm falling in LOVE with chain-plying. Now that I'm confident in the process, it makes yarn happen almost instantaneously.

Yardage: ~170
WPI: ~11
Fiber: 80/20 merino/bamboo

I'm wearing it 'round the office today 'cause I lurves it.

Off to the mountains tonight for the long weekend and the start of the TDF. I'll post the "stash target" when I get back next week.

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