Where did April go?

So there I was, intrepid readers, poised at the brink of April, ready to get back to a life of knitting, spinning and blogging. Now here I am, a full 23 days later, with nary a post to show for it.

First of all, a big "I'm a knucklehead" to Tina. Yes, I did get your email. I even marked it as "unread" so that I wouldn't forget to respond to you. I shall do so, this weekend.

Second of all, I did get a lot of spinning and knitting done. I finished 2.5 pairs of socks, am about halfway through a random scarf with my virtual friends from The Unique Sheep and have spun up singles for a scarf, a true 3-ply for socks for the hubby and am madly working on another chain-ply for socks for me.

What does all this lead to?


We're about to set off on a 3-week odyssey to points south and west. There's a 10d trip onboard a catamaran with 3 other couples (this will be excessively fun) as well as a few days in New Zealand, and hopefully some in Australia. Basically, the month of May is "out the window".

But, with three weeks of time on my hands, along with 2 18h+ plane flights, I hope to get some serious knitting done. This will include the aforementioned handspun socks (hopefully) and I'm also eyeing the Botanica Medallion Cardigan from the Spring/Summer 09 VK. Ravelry link, here. This one'll be a stash-buster and perfect for those warm nights on the boat. Assuming it gets done in time.

Fine. I'll try this again.

June will be a month of posts. I hope it includes my classes for SOAR, some pictures of spinning/knitting (if I can *EVER* find my camera!) and a nice talk about my trip. Time and internet connections permitting, I may blog from the southern hemisphere.



Tina M. said...

It sounds AMAZING! (Your vacation) We don't have the ability to take a vacation like that, though I think everyone should, so I'll have to live vicariously through you. Post pictures when you can!

Sounds like you've gotten a lot done on the fiber front too. I'd love to see what it looks like.

Don't feel TOO bad, I'm guilty of the same thing when it comes to getting back to people, and I don't even have the career and travel demands that you do. I'll look forward to your email though. :) Just know that I TOTALLY understand.

Anonymous said...

Well, have a grand lovely time on your trip....

And may you get a class at SOAR you want....


blopeep said...

Thanks Tina and Ba!