Let it snow?

Word on the street is that we're in for a Big Storm this weekend. Starting tonight, snow levels are coming waaaaay down - predicted accumulation of 3-5" at 2000' (that's us) and 6-9" above 3000'.

Now, forecasters around here don't distinguish between the mountains on the west side of the bay (us) and the east side of the bay. I think we get quite a bit of moderation thanks to the Pacific, but it has snowed a couple times this year so it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility.

Anyway, we've got lots of food in the house, lots of wine and beer, and I've got lots of fiber in various states of incarnation. Even if the power goes out, I'll be able to amuse myself without too much difficulty.

And if the power is going out, it'll be this weekend.


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